Helping Thermaflex its’ worldwide network of companies grow across the world




The brief

Thermaflex is a leading manufacturer of special pipes and insulation solutions made from environmentally friendly materials. Founded in the Netherlands in 1976, Thermaflex is an international company having a proactive role by developing and providing products, services and solutions to encourage sustainable building by reducing waste of energy. Thermaflex was looking for an accounting network that would be able to deliver professional services in all their business locations and approached HLB. Thermaflex needed services related to audit, tax and advisory.

How we helped

Thermaflex, with production facilities in Europe, Russia and Thailand, is active in more than 40 countries worldwide. Its products, both pre-insulated piping systems and technical insulation solutions, are designed to save energy in: Heating & Plumbing; Cooling & Air Conditioning; District Heating & Cooling; Industry & Protection.

The main activities within the Thermaflex group are the production of insulation foam (Thermaflex™), and pre-insulated piping systems (Flexalen™) As all of the company’s products have the disadvantage of huge transport costs, it is crucial to have production close to the demand. For this reason Thermaflex has a worldwide network of companies from Mexico up to Thailand. Therefore, Thermaflex needed a professional services provider that could support them in all the jurisdiction they operate in for a range of services from compliance to advise work.

The result

Thermaflex has been a client since 2007 and works with HLB members across the world, enjoying a seamless client experience and network that can support their international business needs.


HLB International’s member firms can deliver professional services in all our business locations world-wide with a distinguished quality of personal service

Frank Schoolderman, Corporate Finance Director