Excise tax services

advise you annually of your Tax / Zakat declaration filing dates and current filing requirements;
keep you informed of all developments, which might affect your Zakat / Tax position within the General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT). We wish to point out that a number of current practices are not codified and are subject to interpretation by individual Zakat inspectors;
assist you in the preparation of the Zakat declaration including detailed schedules required in support thereof;
calculate the amount of Zakat due and inform you of the date(s) for payment;
review and submit the declaration on your behalf, in Arabic, to the GAZT; and
follow up and obtain the limited Zakat clearance certificate.

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Reflections of an Auditor

Bettina Cassegrain, HLB’s Technical Director & Global Assurance Leader Shares her thoughts on how future auditors can turn some of the challenges in the profession...

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